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t-shirt shipping whole sale blank tee shirts bulk shirt ship options wholesale t shirt brands is a U.S. Nationwide Wholesale Blank T-shirt Container Supplier.
We sell & ship containers of wholesale, first quality, blank, brand name t-shirts such as
Anvil, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Hanes and Jerzees.

40 ft. Freight Container


Apr 2015 White t-shirts sold at $1.16 Colors at $1.66

Mar 2015 White t-shirts sold at $1.17 Colors at $1.71

Feb 2015 White t-shirts sold at $1.17 Colors at $1.70

Jan 2015 White t-shirts sold at $1.18 Colors at $1.74

Dec 2014 White t-shirts sold at $1.21 Colors at $1.68

Call or e-mail for current rates!


Containers carry up to 72,000 T-shirts maximum. There can only be one brand, up to 2 colors per container. The minimum container order is 1/3 a container(24,000 t-shirts or $25,000 for polos and sweatshirts) but there
is no maximum for the number of containers you can order.

Our pricing varies from month to month. To get today's rate, e-mail or call 1-877-629-5110
for a quote. Please DON'T contact our company if you do not have the funds to purchase
these shirts. Thank you.

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